10 good reasons to make a food tour

10 good reasons to make a Food Tour

A food tour is one of the most interesting ways to get in touch with the gastronomic culture (and not only) of a particular place. Discovering the flavours, ingredients, local foods that are prepared more often is very important to understand the culture of a city.

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Food Tours today are increasingly required because they add a real experience to travel and guided tours, allowing people to know the local traditions thoroughly. Here are 10 good reasons to make a food tour:



1. A food tour is not just food, it is also the opportunity to see the city with the eyes of the inhabitants: attending a food tour is not just a matter of taste and palate. A food tour crosses with the possibility of making an experience where food is the thread that crosses the city, and its tales, but it does not end in taste. Through food tasting we can understand the city and habits of its inhabitants.



2. A food tour is also the opportunity to understand how you live in a city. Often people also travel to understand if they could ever live in a particular city. Discover the city with a food tour and a guided tour is the best way to understand all this, because you will have at your disposal an expert guide on the place that in front of good food will be able to answer all your questions.



3. A food tour allows you to understand a food and its connection with the place, thanks to the presence of the guide. Who leads a food tour is a person who lives in the place where the tour takes place, and that puts in relation food (or another object) to this place, like a connector. Reading Food, but also taste it, are a partial experience to understand the wider context, if made alone: a good guide can be the vehicle of information living, first hand, linked to the history and culture of the place.



4. During your food tour you can visit many different places, but you will never visit the same food. In any city there are typical dishes and drinks, but you will never get to eat the same thing for twice. Because everyone has their way of preparing food, mixing ingredients. Just like a painter who can never accomplish the same painting twice. One of the most interesting aspects of food is the people who prepare it, their history and their secrets to make the dishes they prepare special.



5. The most interesting points of view are always born from other people. If you want to do a food tour you will definitely have a different curiosity from the local people. Discovering typical foods from stranger allows you to have a more interesting point of view, which you can enrich with your cultural luggage.



6. Food Tours are a great opportunity to meet new people, and not just food maniacs. We have a chance to meet people who come from outside, confront them and why not, trade some new recipe too.



7. If you are instagram fanatics, you can’t miss a food tour. If you love taking pictures during aperitifs, dinners or birthdays, a food tour is the ideal opportunity to take the best photos for Instagram and grow your profile. Consider that after tourist destinations, foods are the most photographed things on Instagram, so if you need to enrich your profile, what better chance of a nice food tour?



8. A food tour will show you food like you’ve never seen it before. Try to imagine an American in front of a plate of fettuccine, or a Russian in front of Chinese food. Art Works and museums are not the only attractions able to impress a tourist.



9. You can know the best shops for food shopping, and bring home the flavors you tried. Find out where to buy spices, fabrics, dessert that made you fall in love with the city can be complicated to your traveler eyes that are struggling to set on fire and distinguish. A guide can show you the authentic shops, the most special shops, to make you food shopping smarter.



10. A food tour can also be done in your own city, and can show you food differently. Even if you already know him. Food is not the focus of a food tour, it is all the experience that revolves around. Flavours can arouse the same wonder as a monument, a work of art or a museum. Because in the end, they let us discover something new that we didn’t know before.



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