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Walking guided tour of Avignon e Luberon

Avignon Day Tour, walking guided tour of Avignon e Luberon – Get Our Tour

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This beautiful city of France enchants every day thousands of visitors with its medieval atmosphere. An ideal place for an artistic and cultural stay, Avignon is known as the city of popes and owes its beauty to the Pope who in 1300 Hicks in this city. A small and quiet French town, which in the past was enriched thanks to the palace of popes that brought to town a lot of money and many artists.

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The Pope Palace in Avignon is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city. It was built in 20 years and decorated by Matteo Giovannetti, giottesco artist. Thanks to this palace the city became very rich and began to attract many artists and merchants.
Not to miss the Avignon bridge, which connects the city to Villeneuve. The construction of the bridge was for those times a true engineering masterpiece, almost 1 km long and 22 arches that survived for centuries at the fury of the river. Then in 1669 two full destroyed almost all the arches, leaving only 4. Today is considered UNESCO World Heritage, along with the nearby Pope palace. The charm of this bridge is due to being suspended on the Rhone River.
The Angladon Museum in Avignon holds the only work of Van Gogh that stayed in Provence. You can admire many other masterpieces of the most famous painters such as Degas, Daumier, Manet, Sisley, Forain, Cézanne, Picasso and Modigliani. This museum was built for the want of the Rich Industrial Doucet, and the peculiarity is that the paintings are arranged in a domestic context. When you come in indeed it seems to be in the house of a rich art enthusiast.
The Cathedral of Notre-Dame-Des-D0ms in Avignon is the most important church in the city. On the top there is the statue of the Madonna while within it can admire the statue of the Virgin Mary, who with the hands arrived pray to save Avignon from the terrible plague of 1834. The Main Statue that gives the name to the church is our lady The Doms, and is in the second chapel.
Not only museums and ancient cathedrals, Avignon is a city full of musical and cultural events. The Avignon Festival is one of these and contains every year more than 40 shows. Writers, actors, musicians and photographers invade the city and set up a series of shows not to be missed. The Avignon festival lasts 3 weeks, and every year hosts always different artists.

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