discover Royal Palace of Caserta and his beautiful gardens

Caserta City Tour: discover Royal Palace of Caserta

The Palace of Caserta is the largest royal palace in the world that was once inhabited by the royal family of the bourbons of Naples.
Declared by UNESCO IN 1997 as Humanity heritage, the Palace was wanted by the king of Naples Charles of Bourbon, who fascinated by the landscape caserta strongly wished a palace that could compete as beauty and majesty with that of Versailles. Built by Architect Vanvitelli, originally the palace had to be built in Naples, but eventually chose Caserta as far from the sea and thus more repaired by external attacks. The building was built to symbolize the majesty and power of the new bourbon state.
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The Palace extends over a total area of 47.000 sqm, and to visit it all needs at least a whole day because there are many things to see. A Caserta City Tour is the best way to discover all the wonders of this majestic palace and its huge park, and then get lost in the 1200 internal rooms built to host the ancient royal families.

Caserta City Tour: Royal Palace and his gardens

A Caserta City Tour must be planned in detail, because there are many things to see. Over 1200 rooms and a garden of 120 hectares, it is good to take into account at least a whole day to visit everything.
Absolutely to see the apartments and museum of the Royal Palace of Caserta started in 1919, when Unesco declared the world heritage site of humanity. Not to miss the staircase of honor, exemplary art of ‘ 700, the theatre and the collection motus collection, realized after the terrible earthquake of 1980. But the real attraction lies outside the palace: with our Caserta City tour you can visit the majestic Royal Park, fruit of the combination of Italian Renaissance style and some inspiration from the palace of Versailles.
The Margherita Fountain and the English gardens are a real spectacle of nature. Waterfalls and fountains are fed by the aqueduct aqueduct which was built specifically to feed the palace and its park. The numerous fountains depict all deities of Greek mythology, such as the fountain of sneezy, the God of winds that urged by juno unleash his fury against the Trojans. Our tour of the palace of caserta includes:
– Departure from Rome and tour of a whole day
– Visit of external parks
– Official Guide
– Lunch in the local restaurant
– Entrance ticket and travel with high speed train
Buy our Caserta City Tour and discover the wonders of the world’s largest Royal Palace. Visit the apartments gifts and admire the frescoes, fountains and sculptures that adorn the gardens of the most majestic building in Italy.
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