Discover all the advantages of booking online a Guided Tour

Discover all the advantages of booking online a Guided Tour

Travel is an activity that relaxes, free your mind and opens to new horizons. But not all trips are equals, and especially not everyone loves to travel at the same way.

Some people are very organized when it comes to travelling. Before departure they think of everything in the smallest details, from the preparation of the suitcase to the hotel, to the tickets of the plane. Others prefer that they are others to organize their journey, because they love surprises and do not want to leave already with all planned activities.

Get Our Tour gives you the chance to buy ready packages, city tours and guided tours in your favourite cities, without thinking about anything. All our tours already include the means of transport and tickets for tourist attractions of most interest, so you can save time and avoid long tails. All the time you save you can use it to dedicate to your favorite activities.

Timing and appointments are always respected, our guides are always very careful in respecting schedules. You won’t even have to waste time to look for means of transport, taxis or trains to move: a guided tour already includes movements.


In addition, the amount of information you can have from an experienced and prepared tourist guide are greater than those you could have traveling alone. If you’re visiting a city for the first time, you can’t know it deep. Having a person who accompanies you during your itinerary is very important to know the culture, habits and history of a place.


City Tour, day tour and guided tours in small groups | Book now with Get Our Tour


All our guided tours are organized in small groups, to offer the advantage of a quiet journey away from chaos. Travelling with a large group of people risk being stressful, both for the group and for driving.


You risk not enjoying the tour, not being able to listen to driving while talking or getting lost in the middle of the crowd. Also, if during your stay you need assistance there will always be someone by your side, a reference point to help you.


Travelling with small groups often leads to friendship with other people, which hardly happens in large groups that are very scattered. When you travel with a guided tour you feel safer, because you’re never alone.


Tourist guides are often of the locals, who know the city to the bottom because they live there. In this way you can have detailed information on the history and culture of a place, which may not be mentioned in the tourist guides. The guide can make you discover some little known but special locations that you would never have visited alone. In addition, if you have little time to visit a location, leave with a guided tour you will allow you to visit the main places by capturing the essence of the city.


Choose our guided tours and pack your bags, we think to everything else!


With Get Our Tour you can book all city tours of your favorite cities, day trips and city sightseeing to the most beautiful tourist in the world. If you need more information about our City Tours write us to [email protected] Follow us on Facebook to be always updated on our destinations and guided tours.


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