Downtown Abbey Tour

London City Tour with a Local Guide

Downtown Abbey Tour | London City Tour with a Local Guide

If you know this castle well you will know that it is not actually called Downtown Abbey, but Highclere Castle and it is a private residence inhabited still today.


On the inside, the scenes of the famous TV Series Set in the castle were filmed, but despite this you cannot take photographs because the castle is open to visitors only in some periods of the year just because inside live the Carnavon family, which has been owner since 1679.


If you have decided to do a Downtown Abbey tour and that day the climate will be favourable, prepare to spend most of the time in the beautiful and vast outside park.


Don’t forget that you are in England and time can change quickly, bring with you an anti wind and anti rain jacket and wear classic layers clothing. The outside gardens are really endless and here you can read, take a picnic or visit the greenhouse area and get to the Greek temple.


In the official website you can consult the opening calendar, so you can plan your Downtown Abbey tour at the best.



Downtown Abbey tour | The right period to visit the Castle



Usually the castle is open on Easter weekend, in the spring; on some dates in the summer months; some autumn weekends to admire the foliage of the park, even with guided tours and on the weekends of December before Christmas, to admire it decorated at Party.


You can choose the morning entrance, after lunch time, for afternoon tea (only in spring and summer). There is a maximum number of visitors allowed every day, for this reason book an already organized and guided tour will allow you to shorten the times.


You have a day available to visit the inside and the outside. The Tv Series, played by actors of great level, had an extraordinary success in the USA as well. Just think that in two episodes of the Simpsons, a parody is made on downtown Abbey. Even the Duchess of Cambridge, future queen of England, is a fan of the series.


Highclere Castle is located 8 km from Newbury and still today there are the count and countess carnarvon. The building was designed by Victorian Architect Sir Charles Barry, and is full of paintings, tapestries and furniture.


Home and garden are open to the public during Easter and summer holidays as well as public holidays and some other periods of the year for special events. Visitors Follow a path through the castle: they can climb the red stairs to see some of the rooms to which anecdotes are associated.


Visitors are invited to entertain in the garden or in the woods for walks or tea rooms for a stop and visit in the cellars of the castle the Egyptian exhibition established in 1922 by the v count of Carnarvon, after discovering together with archaeologist Howard Carter the Tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun.



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