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Book our Etna Caving Tour from Catania

Etna Guided Tours, book our Etna Caving Tour from Catania

Choose our Etna guided tours if you want to visit one of Italy’s most famous volcanoes, as well as the highest and active volcano in Europe.
Etna is a volcano now active but unlike other volcanoes like Stromboli’s, you can see lava only when the volcano is erupting. During these periods when the volcano is still active and still possible to do Etna guided tours but at a safety distance, to be able to admire the languages of fire that every day attract thousands of tourists from around the world.

You can also visit many craters off, such as the famous Silvestri craters that are located in the south part of volcano Etna. Here you can also find many shops of souvenirs, bars and restaurants and the cable station of Etna. If you buy our Etna guided tour you will have a multilingual guide that will accompany you throughout your itinerary and will explain the story of one of the highest volcanoes in Europe. In addition, if you are lovers of excursions in natural landscapes you can hiking and admire closely the enchanting landscapes of Etna.

Discover the highest Volcano in Europe with our Etna Guided Tour

Hiking on Etna is a truly unique experience. If you choose our Etna guided tour you can explore the area with trekking paths and rest in the beautiful woods you will meet along the valleys. Choose our tour and enjoy the breathtaking view from the Etna park, walk through the lava craters and explore the surrounding caves. With this tour you can admire the wild nature and ancient craters near Nicolosi, watching from above the entire Ionian coast. The Guided tour continues with a tasting of typical products of the area, such as oil, wine and honey in the famous municipality of Zafferana. Etna is a particular location, which cannot be visited in autonomy. There is a need for a tourist, expert and professional guide that knows the area well and can tell people what the safe places you can visit and what to avoid.

Etna Guided Tour: Zafferana Etnea

If you choose our Etna guided tour you can also visit Zafferana Etnea, the ideal destination for those who love breathtaking nature landscapes and want to be in contact with nature. Zafferana is located at the roots of Etna and is considered one of Sicily’s most frequented worldly resorts. The ideal destination for those who want to spend a relaxing evening, maybe tasting some local dishes accompanied by a good glass of wine. Zafferana is famous for its “ottobrata”, a series of events organized in October to get to know the best products about crafts and local cuisine. If you are in Zafferana visit the church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie, built in liberty style, and the city park rich in contemporary art works.

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