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Florence City Tour and Uffizi Gallery | Choose your Tuscany City Tour

The Uffizi Gallery are definitely one of Florence’s most famous tourist attractions. A Florence City tour is the best solution if you want to discover all the treasures kept in this extraordinary gallery, because it allows you to skip the long and boring tails that create at the entrance.
With our Florence City tour and Uffizi Gallery you can have a privileged entrance and an experienced tour guide and prepared always by your side, you will save so precious time that you can use to admire all the works of art around you.
The “Uffizi” were made to host the uffizi, i.e. the offices of the city government at the time of the medical family, which had a fundamental role for Florence, even from an artistic point of view In fact, most of the artistic masterpieces, also preserved in the uffizi gallery, were made thanks to the patronage operated by the medical family or come from the private collections of the family At the entrance you can admire the portrait of Anna Maria Luisa De’ Medici, who gave Florence all the most beautiful masterpieces provided that they became public works.

The Real Collection starts after the long staircase, on the upper floor. In the lobby you will find many marble busts and portraits of the members of the medical family and Lorraine, a perfect opportunity to jump back in time and know better who they were and what they did important in their era. But the most beautiful works of art are those of the Renaissance, including the works of Giotto, Cimabue and Duccio of Buoninsegna.

Florence Walking tour and Uffizi Gallery guided tour

The Uffizi Gallery is a real maze, and it is difficult to navigate alone if you do not know all the works and their historical context.
A guided tour in this case is the best solution, because it allows you to fully understand the meaning of the works of art and get to the best among the masterpieces of the gallery. With our Uffizi gallery guided tour you can appreciate even more the huge artistic heritage of the place, with an expert guide that will accompany you throughout your itinerary.
Buy online your tour to visit Florence and the Uffizi gallery. Discover the secrets and history of the most famous artists of the Renaissance with our guided tour in the most famous museum in Florence. A Monolingual Guide will be presented and the tour has a duration of 2 hours and the itinerary can be customized according to the requests of the participants. Earphones will be provided for groups over 15 people. Get Our Tour carefully select the best city tours and guided tours to offer you a quality service at the best possible price. Also with our Florence walking tour you can discover the city of Florence and visit the most beautiful tourist attractions in the city.

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