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Harry Potter Tour in London, book your Tour and live the Magic

Are you passionate about Harry Potter and are you curious to visit places where the magic happens?


Our Harry Potter London tour is the ideal solution to discover the places that inspired J.K. Rowling, taking her to write one of the most famous and read best sellers worldwide.


Book now your guided tour and immerse yourself in the streets of London, from the Real Diagon alley, where harry buys his first wand in ” Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone.” then visit the, to the Secret Wizarding Inn.


During your tour you will be accompanied by an experienced and prepared tour guide, which will lead you to the streets of London that inspired the famous saga. From Shakespeare’s globe to st. Paul’s Cathedral, discover all the most important places with this walking tour of 2,5 huors. Our tourist guides will always be by your side.



Harry Potter Tour in London, live the Harry Potter Experience



Our Harry Potter London tour is not a simple guided tour, but a real experience. 


Live the magic of the places that inspired the book and then the movie, you can also make a beautiful tour aboard a mini and discover the most beautiful places in London where the film was filmed.


All the movie scenes are set in England. King Cross Station, Millenium Bridge, London City Hall and Claremont Square are the most important places to visit. Not to miss Piccadilly circus where Harry, Hermione and Ron ran through the streets of London West end.


In Reptile house Harry Potter finds out he can speak the language of snakes and free a python.

The fans of the film will definitely recognize the Renaissance hotel, the entrance to king cross station in Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets.

Some external scenes of Howgarts were filmed in Durham Cathedral, as well as the Castle of Alnwick. Malham Cove instead is the rocky field where Harry and Hermione hide from Voldermort.


With our Harry Potter tour in London you can relive the magic of the film, visiting some of the places used for filming. A private and personalized tour with a local guide that will always be by your side and at your disposal (Harry Potter film locations in mini), while if you choose our Harry Potter experience tour you can have a 2,5 hour guided tour to discover the Places that inspired J.K. Rowling.



Choose our guided tours and pack your bags, we think to everything else!



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