Interlaken Guided Tour

Enjoy your Switzerland City Tour

Interlaken Guided Tour: enjoy your Switzerland City Tour

With our Interlaken guided tour you can discover one of Switzerland’s most beautiful and lovely places. There are really few places in the world that can boast such a beautiful position like Interlaken. The name comes from the Latin ” Inter Lacus ” which means ” among the lakes “.


This is because the city is set as a pearl between lake Thun and lake Brienz, and is surrounded by the most majestic European Peaks.


Interlaken begins to develop as a tourist destination in 1800, because of its beautiful landscapes. The ideal destination for hiking and hiking, a Interlaken guided tour is the best solution to discover this wonderful location.



Interlaken Guided Tour: what to see in Interlaken?



There are many things to see in Interlaken, and most of them are linked to the nature and beauty of its landscapes. Few museums and architectural monuments but a huge natural heritage.


Our Interlaken guided tour allows you to discover the beautiful locations and know the history and culture of one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.
Among the first things to visit in Interlaken there are Jungfrau-Aletsch. It is a protected area consisting of a series of mountains, valleys and glaciers located on the side of the Swiss Alps, a place defined as the heritage of humanity by UNESCO.


This wonderful location is bounded north from the valley of grindelwald and south from the valley of the Rhone River.


Another thing to do in Interlaken is to visit Jungfrau, which in German means “the virgin”. It is the highest peak of the mountain range and is accompanied by two peaks, the eiger and the mönch, which reaches a height of 4099 meters.

South of the Jungfrau you can find the great Glacier. Here you can also admire the caves of the holy blessed, a place easily reachable by the tourists of Interlaken.


This area is located on the northern shore of lake Thun, and it is the ideal place if you are looking for some tranquility, away from the chaos of the center. Here are many places to eat, rest and admire the beautiful view of the lake.


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