Rome - 19th International Tattoo Expo Rome 2018

Tattoo artists will come from all over the world and belonging to the most diverse currents and styles

Rome – International Tattoo Expo Rome 2018

International Tattoo Expo Rome 2018


It will be Rome again, and in particular in the incredible marble frame of the Palazzo dei Congressi, with its 6000 square meters available, the scenary where tattoo artists will come from all over the world and belonging to the most diverse currents and styles in which they can express themselves a stroke of ink on human skin.


The legends of the tattoo world, but also the best new talents, will gather in the Capital from Friday 4, to Sunday 6 May 2018 for the nineteenth edition of the International Tattoo Expo.


Every year the Rome convention has always seen the participation of public figures, from the beautiful actress and artist Asia Argento, to the super tattooed Roma player Radja Nainggolan, the World Champion Marco Materazzi or the Youtuber Damiano Er Faina, just to name a few.


Guests of the International Tattoo Expo


Also this year the surprises do not end here. In fact, for the nineteenth edition of the International Tattoo Expo Rome we will have as an exceptional guest Matteo Minozzi and Renato Gianmarioli, young talents of the Italian National Rugby Team, great tattoo lovers and now reference men for the Italian National Team and for the whole Italian movement oval ball. This was a very important year for Matteo Minozzi as he was the only Italian to be named as “Player of the Year” of the Six Nations tournament after scoring four goals in five games.


Among the exceptional guests will also be Carl Brave, the Roman rapper who is driving crowds across Italy. Exactly one year after the release of the album Always In Due, Carl Brave will participate in a convention among his fans as a tattoo lover.


The success of the event, now in its nineteenth edition, is the confirmation of how the world of tattoos has become the symbol of modern artistic culture. The prestige of the event is confirmed not only by the number of visitors present every year, but also by the artistic level of the tattoo artists present and by the famous guests with a passion for tattoos.


The Tattooers


Among the 400 Italian and international artists: Łukasz Smyku Siemieniewicz (Dead Boy Tattoo), Franco Roggia, Gianluca Ferraro, Giulia Montanari, Hussein Mistrah, Ivan Pecoraro (Max Studio A Dübendorf, Zurich), Kike Esteras (Black Ship, Barcelona), Daria Pirojenko, Nicholas Matik, Owen Paulls, Roberto Dolci, Roberto Lauro, Sergey Murdoc, Fabio Guerreiro (True World Tattoo), Francesco Cinti Piredda (One Percent), Vladimir Arhipkin (Kisa Kisenka), Zek Keleman (Comic Tattoo, Budapest), Rafel Delande, London; Jannicke Wiese Hansen, Norway; Stevie Floyd, USA; Jef Whitehead, USA; Keenan Bouchard, USA; Taneli Jarva, Helsinki; Job De Quay, Helsinki.

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As it seems clear for some time now, it is the body that turns into a canvas on which to draw shapes and colors, or even just a message that always has a strong personal value. Also because those who choose to get a tattoo know that the design will remain etched forever on his skin: the choice of a subject has therefore always a deep meaning and the hand that realizes it must be of proven mastery.

Among the top experts in the art of tattooing that will participate in this nineteenth edition, they deserve a brief introduction (which they do not need):

MARCO MANZO – Precursor of the ornamental style, the first tattoo artist in the world to officially participate in the Guatemala National Pavilion in the 16th Venice Biennale Architecture as a tattoo artist, designer, designer and sculptor. To him we owe the entry of the tattoo in contemporary art and in high fashion.


ALO LOCO: He began his tattooing career in Bali seven years ago. Currently working in London (Kamil Tattoos) his reference technique is realistic black and white.


ANTON AUTONOMO: He began his career as a teacher of drawing in Russia and then devoted himself to tattoos, especially the realistic ones that led him to create incredible works.


CLAUDIO COMITE: Born in Naples, just thirteen years old is passionate about the world of the Tattoo, only a year later he imprints his art on his hand, with rudimentary tools, needle, cotton and Pelikan ink.


Carried for the geometric design, he rides the trend of the tribal style and then arrives at the Polinesian and Maori tattoo. In 2005 he opened his personal studio in Naples, LITTLE STAR TATTOO.


NUNO FEIO: Portuguese by birth, begins tattooing in 2010, specializes in realistic black and white and is sponsored by numerous international studies. Finally, in January 2017, he opens his studio in Lisbon: Graveyart-Tattoo Studio.


MARK KORNEV: The St. Petersburg artist specializes in realistic tattooing in both color and black and white.


FABIO FILIPPONE: After a traveling period in which he worked for international studies in the States (New York, Miami and Baltimore), in Sweden and in Germany (Heaven of colors by Randy Engelhard) and in Italy (Off the Map by Alex De Pase) , in 2002 he inaugurated his studio in Aosta. His favorite style is the realistic black and white.


ROBERTO GASPERI: Based in Florence, where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, he travels the world to acquire new notions and express his art in the surrealistic style both colored and black and white.


VALERIO SERPETTI: Roman tattoo artist, owner of the Blood Color Tattoo Studio in San Cesareo. In the sector for the past 14 years, it is defined as influenced by the Californian scene with regard to the use of colors, giving the portrait a personal style. Twice a member of the jury of the International Tattoo Expo in Rome, in the portraits and realistic categories.


The TTTISM Magazine, created by tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Buchi, is probably the most important magazine in the sector with a stand

This year the prestigious International Tattoo Expo in Rome is further enriched and offers the public an afterparty, which will take place on the evening of Friday, in the best European tradition in collaboration with the Studio YAMA TATTOO on the occasion of its tenth anniversary.

Next to the act of the great band of Stoner / Doom Metal ORANGE GLOBLIN we will find a trio of respectable bands that will make the party a unique event: the IRA DEL BACCANO, now a historical band of the Roman scene and the SUPERDOG PARTY, with their show made of pure and energetic rock and roll will burn the audience of such an event.

Also this year the convention offers visitors parallel events related to the art world, presented by the legendary Mirkcaccio.

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