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Discover Kotor with our private Boat Tour

Kotor Tours: discover Kotor with our private Boat Tour

If you want to discover the wonder of Kotor choose our Kotor Tours. A boat tour that will allow you to explore the city of Perasto with a panoramic Montenegro Tour.
Give yourself a city tour in Montenegro and choose our guided tours that you can buy directly on our website. Discover wonderful landscapes and a whole new culture less than an hour from Dubrovnik. You can visit enchanting places full of history and natural beauties without comparisons. Kotor is a maritime center located on the coast of Montenegro. For a long time it was the venue of merchant trade and the old city of Kotor is one of the few in the world that has preserved its ancient palaces. The City in fact, known in Italy with the name of Cattaro, has become UNESCO World Heritage.

Visit the Mouths of Kotor and choose our Kotor Tours

With our Kotor tours you can discover the famous mouths of Kotor are the deep inlets that are located on the coast of Montenegro and look very much like the Norwegian Coast and are considered as the most beautiful fjord of Europe. The mouths of Kotor have large basins, all repaired by the sea and represent one of the most famous natural ports in the Mediterranean, the bay of Kotor is 15 miles long the entrance of the mouths of Kotor is bounded north by the thin peninsula of Prevlaka (Vittaglina) and from the tip of your (or acute tip), Southern Extreme of Croatia, and south from the tip of arza. The Bay of Kotor offers a truly unique varied panorama: Sea, mountain, ancient fortresses and Roman Patrician Villas. In these places you can still perceive the signs of antiquity, left by Greek, Roman and Austrian peoples.

Kotor Tours: what to see in Kotor

If you have decided to do a Montenegro tour, know that Kotor is one of the most beautiful places to visit. The first thing you have to do when you arrive is to visit Stari Grad, better known as “the old city”. Kotor is famous for its naval power and the maritime museum is the testimony with 3 floors of exposure in a wonderful XII Century Palace. But the most important building in the city is the Catholic Cathedral of san trypho, built in the xii century and rebuilt several times due to the damage of the earthquake. There are two other churches to visit in kotor: the church of San Luca and the church of San Nicola. The most adventurous can climb the 1.300 steps until they reach the summit of st. Ivan, one of the lowest peaks in the lovcen. Choose our Kotor tours and enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean climate of the city, with the sun always present and very few rains.
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