London City Tour

Private Tour with Mini Cooper

London City Tour – Private Tour with Mini Cooper

Discover the most beautiful tourist attractions in London with our London city tour. You can choose between several private tours aboard the historic Mini Cooper, with a driver who will guide you for the most beautiful places in the city.


You will have a local, expert and prepared guide that will accompany you throughout the itinerary.



Choose our London city tour if you wish to discover the city but you don’t have enough time for a day tour. A beautiful Mini Cooper will pick you up and lead you to the most beautiful streets in London.


With you there will also be a guide that will explain the most characteristic places in the city.




London City Tour: what to see in London




London is one of the most visited European Capitals in the world. The first thing to see in London is definitely Trafalgar Square.


From The Majestic Square, the main arteries of the city: the mall, the avenue leading to Buckingham Palace, the strand, which leads to the city, and Whitehall, leading to the house of Parliament.


Not to miss one of the most famous museums in the world, the national gallery that holds the Venus of bilendorf, dating back to 25.000 years ago.



Another thing to see in a London city tour is Buckingham Palace, the residence of the English monarchy. The Huge Palace of 775 rooms can only be visited in summer, period when the monarchy moves to Windsor Castle.


The house of Parliament, also known as Westminster Palace, is a majestic building of 1200 rooms in which the two rooms of the English Parliament are located: the house of commons and the house of Lords.


Absolutely to visit clock tower and Big Ben, which is not the name of the clock but of the bell of 13 tons.




Tower Bridge is the most famous drawbridge in the world that connects the southwark area to the tower of London. Very suggestive the glass catwalk connecting the two towers, a mandatory stage if you are in London.


Built to allow transit on the Thames of very large ships, the mechanism that used to raise the two ends of the bridge was triggered by a hydraulic system that used the steam force, operating until the 70 s of the last century.


Today, the steam has been replaced by diesel, but it is possible to visit Victorian machines, in the North Tower, where the vintage gears are exposed. In The Tower Bridge exhibition, in addition, an interactive exhibition was set up that tells the story of the impressive work of engineering.



Museums enthusiasts can visit the world’s oldest public museum, the British Museum. A Museum that collects the oldest treasures of humanity, from the first engravings on stone to hieroglyphics.


Visiting the British Museum in one day is impossible, better select the most interesting parts and focus on those.




Choose our guided tours and pack your bags, we think to everything else!




London has a mild climate, so it is possible to visit it in all seasons. In Winter and during Christmas the snowfall is frequent, so if you have chosen this period we recommend you to organize the trip for the cold.


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