Marseille City Tour

Enjoy Full Day Tour with Local Guide

Marseille City Tours | Enjoy Full Day Tour with Local Guide

Choosing a guided tour in Marseille is the best way to discover the hidden corners and visit it at the best.


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After Paris, Marseille is the largest city in the whole France. A Cheerful City, full of life and noisy, where you can eat well and you can meet so many people. If you have chosen a Marseille City tour there are some tourist attractions you can’t miss.


Among these the Cathedral of Notre Dame de la Garde, which dominates Marseille and from which you can admire a splendid view of the city and the Mediterranean. Not to miss the old port of Marseille, the true heart of the city.


Here you can meet real life scenes, such as fish markets, boats returning to rada, restaurants and coffee that make an authentic experience live.




Marseille City Tour | Le Panier District




A long time ago it was one of the most dangerous and dangerous places in Marseille, while today is the most hipster area. Here is all the art of the city: local artisans, fashion, art will make you breathe a unique and especially vintage atmosphere.


In the heart of Le Panier is one of the most beautiful architectural complexes in Europe: the vieille charité. In the past it was an ancient hospice and its restoration made possible the rebirth of the neighborhood itself. Is an architectural work in perfect Italian Baroque Style.




Not to be missed the Rina new of Marseille, located in front of Porto Vecchio, a thriving tourist centre that used to be a swampy area. Walking through the port areas you can find cathedral de la major, 146 meters of marble in Romanesque-Byzantine style.


It is actually two churches: the ancient major (1100) and the new major (1850). Here it was found one of the most beautiful Christian site in Europe, but unfortunately it was reburied.


If you have decided to do a Marseille City tour you must also visit the natural park of the badlands, which you will meet along the way to get to Cassis. A truly gorgeous and unique natural view, worthy of photos to post on Instagram.


Dedicated to the civilizations of the Mediterranean, the Mucem has been designed to host many cultural initiatives, musical and theatrical shows, exhibitions and film screenings. Here was the opening of the year dedicated to Marseille Capital of culture 2013.


And to finish, if you have read “the count of Monte Cristo” you must visit the prison in which dantes was locked up, namely the castle of if, in the islands of  Friuol. The wall of a cell was made a hole in memory of that breakout.


The Archipelago and surrounding beaches offer visitors a dream panorama characterized by crystal clear waters and fine sand.


Despite Marseille being defined today “the Naples of France” is a very welcoming and warm city, which reminds a lot of Italian lifestyle.




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