Ninfa Garden Day Trip & Sermoneta Tour

Discover the beautiful Ninfa Garden

Ninfa Garden Day Trip & Sermoneta Tour

Visiting Ninga Garden is a truly unforgettable experience. With our Ninfa Garden day trip you can also do a Sermoneta Tour, and discover these two romantic places by buying one tour.
The New York Times elected Ninfa Garden the most beautiful and romantic in the world. This garden was also declared natural monument of the Lazio region and today is a place of International Fame. The Garden of Nymph is a typical English style garden made by Gelasius Caetani in 1921, in the area of the medieval town of nymph.
It is a park very similar to that of fairy tales, full of lakes, streams and colorful flowers.

A small corner of paradise full of beautiful fountains and tropical plants. The Garden is crossed by the river nymph, a lake and many plants. With our Ninfa Garden day trip you can admire over 1300 species of Japanese plants and maples. Also if you choose to buy our tour in spring you will be enchanted by the beautiful cherry trees. The Garden can only be visited through guided tours, this to preserve the beauty and authenticity of such a magical place.

Ninfa Garden day trip & Sermoneta Tour: a full day dedicated to nature

With our Ninfa Garden day trip & Sermoneta tour you can live an entire day in contact with nature. After visiting the Ninfa Garden you can also discover the wonders of Sermoneta, one of the most fascinating medieval villages in Lazio. The country is perched and surrounded by imposing walls, and rises around a beautiful castle.

sermoneta day tour
The Castle is named after the historic Lazio family that dominated Sermoneta in the th century, and with time made Sermoneta a renowned tourist destination. By purchasing our Ninfa garden day trip you can visit this beautiful medieval castle, admire its ancient furnishings and its secret rooms. A very exciting guided tour. Sermoneta is a village rich in culture, history and art, but it is the perfect destination for shopping lovers as well. The centre of Sermoneta, within the walls, is rich in small shops and shops selling wine products and products related to crafts and local productions.

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Discover Ninfa with our Ninfa Garden Day Trip & Sermoneta Tour

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