Pompei City Tours

Discover the most beautiful archaeological site with our Guided Tours

Pompei City Tours: discover the most beautiful archaeological site with our Guided Tours

Pompeii is one of the most visited art cities in Italy. Every day thousands of visitors remain enchanted by the city that in the Roman era was famous for its splendor and history.
Already in antiquity Pompeii was a very rich location and for Roman patricians it was an important tourist place. But in ‘ 79 d. C., a violent and sudden eruption of vesuvius the buried, completely it. The city of Pompeii was covered by a layer of ashes of 6 meters, which covered it but at the same time the preserved. Discover our Pompeii city tour and our excursions in the most visited art city of Italy. With our guided tours you can discover the history of Pompeii without making long files, with an expert and professional guide that will accompany you throughout the itinerary.

Discover the fascinating history of Pompeii with our guided tours

If you want to visit the city of Pompeii and discover its fascinating story, a guided tour is the best solution. Our Archaeologist Guide will accompany you throughout the itinerary, with small groups of 15 people. A High-level tourist service, with expert guides and prepared thanks to years of experience on the field. The Archaeological excavations of Pompeii are an extraordinary testimony of the ancient history of Rome.
It is amazing how the city has preserved after the eruption of ‘ 79, and every day thousands of visitors remain enchanted by the charm of this story so tragic but at the same time fascinating. Pompeii is one of the most famous Italian tourist destinations, only in the last year there have been over 3 million visitors. With our Pompeii City tour you can admire the forum, which used to be the center of the political and social life of the city, the Basilica, and all the buildings that have been preserved over the years.

Pompeii City Tour: what to see in Pompeii

“The place where natural events stopped time”. So is known Pompeii, the city of Naples full of beauties all to discover.
If you choose to make a Pompeii city tour start from the visit of the amphitheatre of Pompeii. Built in 80 bc the amphitheatre was often headquarters of struggles between Roman Gladiators and could host about 20.000 viewers. Continue then for the forum, the imposing square that hosted public events such as political debates and trade. Do not miss the temple of Jupiter, the most important sacred structure of Pompeii. Among the most visited attractions of the place there are also the so-called brothel, houses on the secondary roads of the city representing the places of pleasure.
Continue then towards the villa of mysteries and the big theatre, which once hosted the comedies of plautus and Terence. The Large Theatre can accommodate about 5.000 viewers, and still today the structure is used to host concerts, comedies and events within the excavations of Pompeii.
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