Taste typical local products with only 18€

Siena Food Tour: taste typical local products with only 18€

If you want to taste typical local products of Siena to make a gastronomic tour based on tasting wine and good food, our Siena food tour is the best solution for you.

You can discover the city with a Siena Walking Tour, but also savoring local dishes. With our Siena food tour you will have an expert and professional guide that will make you discover all the local delicacies, accompanied by good wine.

The Sienese countryside and the hills around the city offer many centuries oil, wine, vegetables and first-quality meat. Siena’s cuisine is very popular, thanks to a peasant tradition that has preserved its tradition over the years and has been tarnished by modernity. Not wanted dishes cooked by Starry Chefs, but simple and popular recipes, rich in taste and tradition.

Siena Food Toour: what to eat in Siena?

The Boar is one of the most appreciated dishes, and served both as a second dish and as sauce to accompany pasta. With the meat of wild boar and hare they prepare tasty croutons, pasta to the embers. Taste delicious appetizers accompanied by a glass of Chianti Wine. A nice slice of typical salami, pecorino cheese and honey is the best way to start a meal. If you have decided to visit Siena in winter you can try the tasty winter soups, such as the famous ribollita, the best solution to warm up in cold winter days.
The wines of Siena are highly appreciated and cannot be missed in a Siena food tour. Accompany your dishes with Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Montepulciano and Vernaccia di San Gimignano, the most famous wines of Siena. But you can’t do a Siena food tour without finishing your lunch with a typical local dessert: Cantucci, ricciarelli, fruitcake and seahorses, accompanied by Classic Vin Santo.

Buy our Siena food tour and live the city with taste

With our Siena food tour you can get in touch with local food tradition. After the food tour the guide will take you back to the area of basilica di San Domenico where you will find so many shops to buy local products. Not to be missed if you want to bring back some flavors of Siena at home too!
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