Discover the beauties of Siena with an expert guide

Siena Guided Tour at only 15€ | Discover the beauties of Siena with an expert guide

If you want to do a Siena guided tour choose Get Our Tour and admire the most fascinating places in the city with an expert guide that will always be by your side to walk you through local beauties.
If it’s the first time you visit Siena and you don’t know what’s most beautiful tourist attractions choose our tour and don’t miss any stops. Our Siena guided tour is also suitable for those who already know the city and want to rediscover its origins by making an itinerary of the most suggestive places.

Siena Guided Tour: discover Piazza Del Campo and Siena Cathedral

With our Siena guided tour you can take a guided tour of the city starting from Piazza Del Campo which is the true heart of the city where you can admire some truly extraordinary architectural masterpieces. Here twice a year the famous Palio of Siena takes place. Visit the cathedral of Siena, the cathedral of Assunta, famous church of gothic architecture where you can admire the works of Michelangelo, Donatello and Bernini. The church also preserves the monuments of many sculptors and painters such as Antonio Federighi and Domenico Beccafumi.
Piazza Del Campo is famous for its particular shell shape and atires every year millions of tourists from all over the world. In 1200 the square was used by the inhabitants of the city to set up fairs and markets and continue the business of Siena. If you choose our Siena guided tour you can also admire the public palace and the civic museum, which preserves the most beautiful masterpieces of sienese art.

Siena guided Tour: discover local specialities with our Siena food tour

Surely after visiting all the most beautiful places in Siena with our Siena guided tour you will get a little hungry. You can also buy on our website a tasty Siena food tour to taste local specialities accompanied by a good glass of wine. You will have an expert guide that will explain in detail the history of typical dishes and all the curiosities of local foods. Visit the ancient taverns of Siena and finish the tour in shops selling local products. An excellent opportunity to shop and bring back the flavours of the city at home.
With Get Our Tour you can book all city tours of your favorite cities, day trips and city sightseeing to admire the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. If you need more information about our Siena guided Tour write us to [email protected] Follow us on Facebook to always be updated on our destinations.
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