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If you want to do a guided tours in Siena and discover the wonders of the sienese countryside, choose our Siena Walking Tour.

Our guided tours are real itineraries that will make you discover the city with expert and professional guides. Discover the art, architecture and history of Siena with our guided tours on foot. With our Siena Walking Tour you can admire the city closely and get in touch with local traditions and culture.

In this guided tour you can discover the most important places in the historical centre of Siena. The Duomo is one of Siena’s most important tourist attractions, and collects the greatest masterpieces of medieval art including the museum of the Opera Del Duomo, the baptistery and the piccolomini library.

Siena Walking Tour: Piazza Del Campo and Basilica of San Domenico

Piazza Del Campo is the main square in the heart of Siena and is famous for its shell shape with 9 cloves. Each clove is dedicated to a component of the government of the nine. The best way to admire this beautiful square is to walk on foot with a Siena Walking Tour, then climb up to the tower of eat and reach the public palace. Right in this square s was the famous Siena Palio that twice a year attracts visitors and tourists from around the world. Discover also the wonders of the basilica of San Domenico, one of the most important churches of Siena which was built in the XIII century and contains the relic of Santa Caterina from Siena.

Siena Walking Tour: discover Siena Civic Museum

With our Siena city tour you can also discover the civic museum, rich in frescoes and works of art, rich in masterpieces of Tuscan art. You access this museum from the courtyard of the public palace through an iron scale. The Public Palace is also a work of art: it is one of Italy’s main civil buildings and with its gothic silhouette dominates on Piazza Del Campo for more than 700 years.
The most important work of Siena’s Civic Museum is the allegory of good and bad government, painted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti.

Siena Walking Tour: the Baptistery of Siena and the National Gallery

Buy a Siena Walking tour is the best way to admire the Baptistery of Siena, the most important religious place in the city. At the centre of cattadrale is the baptismal font in bronze and marble, made by Jacopo Della Oak, Giovanni Di Turino, Lorenzo Ghiberti and Donatello, who also made bronze angels. A visit to Siena is not complete without admiring its art gallery, rich in works of ‘400 and’ 500 of the most famous artists of the period.
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