Rome - Skin On the Beach at May Day Celebrations

On the occasion of the first of May, the Illuminati Club moves to the coast of Capocotta, bringing the rock icon Skin to the console

Rome – Skin On the Beach at May Day

Skin On the Beach at May Day


On the first of May, the Illuminati Club moves to the coast of Capocotta, bringing the rock icon Skin to the console. Together with her, there are some live performances and sets of producers and deejays that are still points of the famous restaurant in via Libetta.

Besides the rich musical program, it will be possible to enjoy the hippie market and taste the delicacies offered by different places dedicated to street food.


With a career of twenty years as a soloist and as a frontgirl of the band Skunk Anansie, Skin is one of the most appreciated international rock stars in Italy. To strengthen this notoriety there is also the presence as a judge in the eighth edition of X Factor Italy.

In addition to being a successful singer, Skin has always carried on his passion for deejaying. The English artist has gained this ability in student parties at the time of his stay at a Middlesbrough college.

“It’s curious, because I was actually a DJ before I became a singer. That was my first choice of music. I started playing the dj at the age of 17, I used to put music that others did not wear. People liked it a lot because I was playing everything, whereas DJs usually only put the music they like.”


Recently, Skin has carried on this activity with great pleasure and enthusiasm, making his performances absolutely convincing even in the dance field.


Previously the DJ sets of Fabio Florido, the tech house of the Italian export deejays Julien Sandre and Luca Bortolo, while Swoosh and Sinnerman will offer an electronic live. Swoosh is a Roman live performer who with his Gibson has created a synthesis between psychedelic rock and more rhythmic electronics. Sinnerman is instead a duo that puts on the stage a computer and a double bass creating a bridge between jazz afrobeat, funk and meet electronic music.


Hippie market


In addition to the musical part will be set up the Hippie Market, a monthly reference event for the Circolo degli Illuminati.

The presence of dozens of artists is expected: painters, jugglers, musicians, artisans, stylists, acrobats dancers, street artists, shamans, fortune tellers to relive the bizarre and colorful atmosphere of the Hippie era and celebrate free love and peace.

During the day you can immerse yourself in the world of the children of flowers with flea markets, live shows and acrobatics, concerts, DJ sets and spaces dedicated to therapy, massages, until the tarology.


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