Discover the most picturesque town of the Sicily

Taormina the Pearl of the Mediterranean

Situated on the east coast of Sicily, Taormina has a long history as a tourist destination; people have been visiting this lovely town since the 19th century. It’s now considered to be one of the most picturesque towns on the island, with its stunning coastline, quaint streets and ancient historical sites. There’s plenty to see and do here; here’s a guide to five things you shouldn’t miss on a trip to Taormina.


The amphitheatre


With its splendid views over the Calabrian coast, the imposing Mount Etna and the turquoise-blue of the Ionian coast, the Teatro Greco is the number one must-do when in Taormina. Dating back to approximately the third century BC, the theatre has undergone quite a number of transformations over the years. Believed to have been built by the Greeks who would have used it for dramatic theatrical performances, it then fell into the hands of the Romans, who used it for their own kind of drama – gladiator fights. Nowadays, the theatre hosts concerts and fashion shows as well as the prestigious Taormina Film Festival.


Hit the beaches


Taormina has a wide range of beaches for you to relax, from pebble to sand, from tiny to large. The best beaches include: Isola Bella, a small pebble beach and arguably the most beautiful; Giardini Naxos, the longest beach in the town with many bars and restaurants; and Mazzaro, a pebble beach dotted by lidos.


Splash the cash in Taormina’s wonderful shops


Taormina is well known for being a haven of retail therapy. Whether you’re on a strict budget or you have lots of money to spend, you will find something here for you. The main thoroughfare has the majority of stores which sell all kinds of products, with an emphasis on Made in Italy brands. But also make sure to head into the small alleyways running off the main street, as you’ll find the best shops there.


Check out the vibrant nightlife


When the sun sets on Taormina, everyone comes out to party and the streets come alive. The main street of Corso Umberto has plenty of drinking holes for you to choose from, including bars, pubs, nightclubs and jazz clubs. Off the main strip, there’s a number of beach clubs if you fancy partying the night away by the sea.


Get active


If you like to get active while on vacation, Taormina offers an abundance of activities. Diving, sailing and paragliding are all popular water sports and there are also a multitude of horse riding stables for you to either rent or take lessons. A little further afield, there’s a popular 18-hole golf course and Mount Etna offers opportunities for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer.


Taormina is a beautiful town with plenty to offer holidaymakers. You can be sure that if you head to Taormina, you won’t be disappointed.


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