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Tuscany Day Trip – Choose GetOurTour and visit Tuscany in a Day

Organize your Tuscany day trip with Get Our Tour and book your local experience in one of Italy’s most beautiful regions.
Choose our guided tours, skip the line and avoid long queues to visit tourist attractions. 
Book A Tuscany day trip is simple and fast, you can do everything from your pc. Choose the city tour you prefer, decide the day and complete the purchase. On our website you can find many activities and sightseeing tours, with a fast and easy booking. If you have one day available, our Tuscany day trip is the best solution. You can visit Pisa, San Gimignano and Siena, and admire the most enchanting places in Tuscany.


Tuscany Day Trip: self guided tour in Pisa


Spend an unforgettable day and choose our Tuscany day trip. You can visit Pisa with our guided tour and admire Piazza dei Miracoli, where you can visit the church and baptistery, and of course the famous tower of Pisa. It is the most important square in Pisa, which every day attracts thousands of tourists for works of art. Piazza dei Miracoli is surrounded by a huge green meadow, and its realization began in 1064. The Famous Tower of Pisa was started in 1173 and its pending form is caused by the ground below, subject to failure. It’s 55 feet tall and to get to the top you have to do 294 steps. Due to stability problems, the tower was closed to the public from 1990 to 2001.


Tuscany Day Trip: Self-guided tour of San Gimignano


If you book our Tuscany day trip you can also visit the beauties of San Gimignano, also known as “the city of towers” and declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy a lunch in one of the local restaurants where you can taste typical dishes accompanied by a good glass of Chianti Wine. Discover the beautiful landscapes of the Chianti Region and taste local wines while admiring the sunset of the Tuscan Hills. The medieval atmosphere of San Gimignano is truly unique, and its 14 towers make the landscape very special. A place that wanted to preserve and leave its streets and squares intact.


Tuscany Day Trip: Guided tour of Siena


Finish your Tuscany day trip with a guided tour of Siena. Our expert and professional guides will take you to the cities and make you discover the most beautiful places to visit. You will be able to admire the famous Piazza Del Campo (which used to be the square for markets and where the palio of Siena is now) and Piazza Del Duomo, two of Siena’s most characteristic locations.
The Centre of Siena, which is surrounded by its beautiful walls, is all pedestrian and you can visit it quietly away from traffic and road.
You’ll have free time to shop or activities you want, then you can go back to Florence.
With GetOurTour you can book all city tours of your favorite cities, day trips and city sightseeing to admire the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. If you need more information about our Tuscany Day Trip write us to [email protected] Follow us on Facebook to always be updated on our destinations.
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