discover Vatican City and and St. Peter Basilica

Vatican City Tour | Museum and St. Peter Basilica

A Vatican City Tour is the ideal to discover the wonders of the most visited tourist destination of the capital. A place rich in history and works of art that every day attracts thousands of tourists from around the world.

The State of the Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world, born in 1929 with the signing of the lateran treaty between Italy and the holy see.
After this agreement, the full sovereignty of the Vatican was established on some of the adjacent places, such as piazza and Basilica of st. Peter, Vatican palaces and Vatican Gardens covering about two thirds of the total area.


vatican city tourAmong the most interesting attractions, those who choose a Vatican City Tour should start from st Peter’s Basilica, the most important church and the emblem of Christianity. You can also spend an hour admiring all the masterpieces of this amazing church.

Millenary Treasures, works of art and masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance are just some of the wonders of st. Peter’s Basilica. Among the most impressive works, not to lose the mercy of Michelangelo and the outer colonnade, formed by 284 columns of doric order hugging the basilica and which were designed by Bernini architect.


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The Vatican City is one of the favourite tourist destinations around the world, one of the most loved and visited places in Rome.
Like all very crowded tourist destinations, the risk of being faced with endless queues is high, just as you risk wasting valuable time just to buy tickets. Buying online an organized tour allows you to avoid inconvenience like these, and is the best solution to save time.

With our Vatican City Tour and st Peter’s Basilica you can spend more time discovering the artistic and monumental treasures of the city, avoiding endless queues and waiting hours to make tickets. An expert and prepared guide will accompany you to the discovery of Vatican Museums and will make you discover Raphael’s rooms, the Sistine Chapel and the wonderful gallery of tapestries.

Our Vatican City Tour and st Peter’s Basilica Includes:


– Official Guide
– Guaranteed to skip the long lines 
– Headphones to listen to guide
– Tour of small groups

Don’t waste time queuing up, choose our Vatican City Tour and enjoy all the wonders of the most visited tourist destination in Rome. If you prefer to admire the night beauties of this beautiful city, then choose our evening tour of Vatican Museums. For more information visit the site contacts page and follow us on Facebook and our social media to be always updated on our tours.
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