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Vatican Museum Guided Tour | Discover Vatican City and Sistine Chapel

Discover our Vatican Museums Guided Tour and Sistine Chapel and enjoy a beautiful stay to discover the most beautiful treasures of Rome.  Buy tickets online with Get Our Tour and admire the wonders of Vatican Museums without making hours in a row to buy tickets.


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Vatican Museum guided tour | 4 things to see at Vatican Museums


Buy our Vatican Museum guided tour and discover 5 things to see at Vatican Museums. Among the most important and most beautiful attractions to see we have:


    • The Art Gallery: if you love art you can’t miss the art gallery: 18 rooms arranged in chronological order with paintings ranging from the middle ages to 1800. A Rich Collection wanted by Pope Pius Xi to tidy up a collection of paintings, already to several popes. Many of the exhibited works were recovered from Paris after the Vienna Congress (1815) thanks to the intercession of sculptor Antonio Canova.
    • Raphael’s rooms: probably second only to the Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s rooms are undoubtedly one of the main attractions of Vatican Museums. The rooms constituted the private apartments of Pope Julius II, who entrusted Raphael with the realization of the frescoes. The Painter of Urbino, worked from 1508 to 1520, year of his death, after that work was carried out by his pupils until 1524.
    • The Pavilion of carriages: for the most curious, and for all enthusiasts of historical vehicles, in the papal apartment of the Apostolic Palace of the lateran, in a detached section of the historical museum is the pavilion of the carriages. Created by Pope Paul vi in 1973 and set up in a large club under the square garden, it preserves saddles, carriages, cars and palanquins used by various popes. Among the curiosities, in addition to the nineteenth-century carriages, the model of the first locomotive of the Vatican City (1929). You must visit the grand gala sedan built for Pope Lion XII and used until PIUS XI.
    • The Geographic Card Gallery: one of the most bright and fascinating environments of Vatican Museums. The Gallery takes its name from the series of topographical cards that Pope Gregory xiii painted on the walls from perugino Ignazio Danti. Italy is pictured as divided into two from the apennines: on the one hand there are the regions wet from the ligurian and tyrrhenian seas and on the other those wet from the adriatic to complete the series of geographical cards there are the views of the main Italian ports of the five hundred, including Venice, Ancona, Genoa and not last the port of Civitavecchia.

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