discover the history of the city on water

Venice City Tour: discover the history of the city on water

If you want to discover the true history of the city on water book now your Venice City tour. One of the most fascinating cities in Italy, which with its alleys and channels to discover enchants every day thousands of tourists.



With Our Venice City tour you can discover the most important tourist attractions in the city, and visit them with an experienced tour guide and prepared always by your side. Here’s what to see in Venice:



San Marco Square



Piazza San Marco is the first place that comes to mind everyone when talking about Venice. The great square on which the basilica rises, with pigeons waiting for some crumb, is perhaps the most famous image of Venice.


A time was just a big garden while in the years of the Serenissima Republic hosted fairs, tournaments, procession, and hunting for Bulls, while today is surrounded by bars very expensive, where you can sit and witness live at the passing of tourists of all the world ecstatic with so much beauty.



Ducal Palace



The Venetians are very attached to this palace, and if you have decided to make a Venice City tour you must absolutely visit it. Many important facts have happened here, including some terrible fires that have changed the city deeply.


Napoleon Bonaparte in 1797 made him the center of his administration after conquering the city. The Historical importance of the ducal palace of Venice is also witnessed by the large sum paid by the coffers of the newborn Italian State, in favour of a total renovation of the Despite the heavily passive budget of the unified Italy, which had taken over the debts of all the states under the tricolor, it would not be at expense to give one of the most important symbols of Venice, a new robe.



The Rialto Bridge



The Bridges of Venice are all 354, and these are very important to the city because they connect it with the outside and make the movements much easier. The venetians have been able to turn a need into a distinctive feature of the city.


Among the most famous there is the bridge of sighs that today is among the most visited.


The Rialto Bridge is covered by arches, it is packed of tourists and sellers, one of the world’s most famous photographic points. The most recent bridge of Venice is the bridge of the constitution bridge of the constitution, it was designed and built by the great Spanish Architect Santiago Calatrava and opened to the public in 2008.



Peggy Guggenheim Museum



The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is the most prestigious Italian collection dedicated to European and American Art of the first half of 1900. in this museum, one of the most famous in Italy, you can find the masterpieces of the most known artists of the period as De Chirico and Kandinsky.


The Museum is located in the only incomplete palace of Venice, the palace palace of lions, bought by the Guggenheim to realize the largest museum on modern art. Guggenheim continued to turn around Europe, unaware of the war’s dangers, looking for the works he intended to insert in his prestigious collection.



The Big Channel



Also called “Canalazzo” if you decided to make a Venice City tour you will definitely meet qil canal grande, crossing the city of Venice for 4 kilometers. Our tour on the grand canal will allow you to admire it even more closely, as you can admire the beauty of the surrounding buildings that enchant all tourists on gondolas.



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