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Venice Gondola Ride | Discover Venice and book our City Tours

Book a gondola ride in Venice to discover one of Italy’s most romantic cities. With Our Venice City Tours you can live an unforgettable experience and admire the city aboard a romantic gondola, lulled by the movements of water.
A Venice Gondola ride is a truly unique and relaxing experience, but also an alternative way to discover the city of Venice. A Venice guided tour allows you to discover the hidden secrets and corners. Enjoy the city while the gondolier transports you between the canals of Venice and reveals you the history of palaces and city, it is a truly unique experience.
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The history of gondola

The Gondola is a typical boat of Venice, one of the symbols of the city. Building a gondola usually takes over a year, they are 11 metres long and they have an asymmetrical form that serves to facilitate navigation maneuvers. In 1500 the gondolas were more short and wider, their form then evolved over time.
Already in 1600 in Venice there were 10 thousand gondolas, today there are about 500. Noble families generally used gondolas to get carried away, also because once they were the only true means of transport of the city.

How to organize a Venice Gondola ride?

The best way to organize a Venice Gondola ride is to buy a guided tour, which will allow you to discover the city with an expert and prepared guide and skip the line. In Venice you can find numerous stazi (parking spaces where gondolas stop) and many different itineraries depending on the part of the city you want to visit.
Prices are variable and gondolas can accommodate up to six people. It is therefore advisable to divide your Venice gondola ride with other people so that you can recoup your spending.

Which Venice Gondola ride choose?

There are many packages available to explore Venice aboard a romantic gondola. Everything depends on your needs, and from the places you want to visit. Some packages include Venice Gondola ride and Venice Walking Tour, others have included lunches or dinners in local restaurants. You can also make night tours in gondola, a truly romantic experience ideal for honeymoons. The Gondola is one of Venice’s main symbols, so in a Venice City tour you can’t miss an experience like this.
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