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Venice is one of Italy’s most romantic cities. If you want to discover all the wonders of this city, buy one of our Venice Grand Canal tour.

The Grand Canal is the main canal of Venice, from which you can admire the fantastic palaces surrounding gothic and Renaissance style. With Our Venice guided tour you can discover the beauties of Venice, the city built on water and its monumental buildings that every day attract thousands of tourists from around the world. This channel divides the city’s historical centre into two parts and is about 4 kilometres long.

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The City of Venice has special magic if seen from the grand canal. With our Venice grand canal guided tour you will be able to admire the dome of the church of San Simeon Piccolo and the barefoot bridge that served as a pedestrian passage to cross the channel from one side to another. Once the bridge is over, it comes to the church of San Jeremiah, where the remains of Saint Lucia of Syracuse are preserved.
Not to be missed is the majestic and last residence of Richard Wagner, the famous German composer who lived the last years of his life in Venice. But the most beautiful show of our Venice grand canal guidet tour is definitely the Rialto Bridge, the pedestrian passage on the grand canal that accompanied the development of the city.

Venice Grand Canal Guided Tour: Mocenigo and Piazza San Marco

CA’ Mocenigo old is a 1600 th-Century Palace within which Giordano Bruno was arrested, given then to the flames in Rome in 1600. The tour of the grand canal of Venice continues to the bridge of the academy, a pedestrian passage that allows get to the art gallery. It comes then to the dome of Santa Maria Della Health, built to cope with the terrible plague of 1630. The final scenario is that of Piazza San Marco, one of Venice’s main places, where you can admire the beautiful twin columns, the palace Ducale and the bell tower.

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